Openings & Exhibitions

September, 2017 – ‘Flow’, Percolator Gallery, Brisbane

Pip Reid – Artist/Exhibitor

Flow was a joint exhibition by two artists who explored individual creative abstraction of the landscape using different mediums. I engaged with the flow of the land (acrylic and mixed media works on canvas and board) while the other artist engaged with the flow of water (encaustic works using inks on various surfaces) – the land and water both forming what we traditionally view as the landscape.

I also exhibited hand-made leather bound journals, bound in the ancient coptic binding method. My art explores belonging and our connection with the landscape – my design process is organic – the leather is rich in texture and has a tactile nature. Each page is handmade using fine printmaking paper, BFK Rives (100% cotton, acid free), suitable for all types of printmaking, sketching and painting. Each leather journal becomes more beautiful with use.

For orders for handcrafted leather coptic bound journals with strap in black, tan, brown, green, yellow, navy, blue or light grey ($AUD203.00 + Postage), or light-weight coptic bound journals ($AUD85.00 + Postage)  – please contact me via the Contact Page on this website.

FLOW Flyer (left) / Leather Bound Journals (right)

February, 2014 – ‘Regenerate’ (Official Launch, Opening of Impress Printmakers Kedron subARTStation & Inaugural Exhibition)

Pip Reid – Artist/Exhibitor

Nearly 80 artists were represented in ‘Regenerate’ representing a mix of members of Impress and other invited artists, including the two patron artists, Ron McBurnie and Judy Watson (two distinguished artist printmakers in Queensland).

My piece was inspired by a literal light bulb moment when late one evening my husband was positioned up a ladder changing a blown light bulb – true enlightenment and inspiration for my artistic contribution (regeneration of a charred landscape) for Impress Printmakers bringing a more vigorous life to the old Kedron Tram Sub Station.


November 2013 – ‘Noel Miller & Friends Exhibition’, Percolator Gallery, Paddington

Pip Reid – Artist/Exhibitor

Artist Noel Miller included a few artist friends, including myself, to exhibit their artworks at his exhibition ‘Noel Miller & Friends Exhibition’ held at the Percolator Gallery in Paddington. My pieces exhibited were all abstract acrylics on canvas.

Vase de Fleurs (left) / Hats Off (right)
Jump Up (left) / The Gulf (center) / Outback Bus Station (right)

August 2013 ‘PROOF Exhibition’, Printmaking Group Collection, Metcalfe Gallery, Windsor

Pip Reid – Artist/Exhibitor

A group of Printmakers from the BIA (Brisbane) collaborated to create the ‘PROOF Exhibition’.

My pieces exhibited were a number of etching plates inspired by my struggle with the real and the abstract and how each individual viewer interprets what they see differently.  These three etchings were framed together after the ‘PROOF Exhibition’ as a triptych and entered in the 2013 Clayton Utz Award.

All the World’s a Stage

June 2013 – ‘Lethbridge 10000 Small Scale Art Award’, Lethbridge Gallery, Paddington

Pip Reid – Artist/Exhibitor

The annual ‘Lethbridge 10000 Small Scale Art Award’ is an art competition which is open to national and international artists for small-scale artworks.

My mixed media collagraph plate ‘A Journey – Price Tag’ I was a gallery finalist for was inspired by my life journey so far, country roots and missing pieces.  I have always loved jigsaw pieces – there is nothing more frustrating than to complete a jigsaw and find you have a missing piece!

My acrylic painting ‘Expression – After Cherry Hood’ is about my struggle between the real and the abstract – real vs contemporary.  Cherry Hood’s “uncanny realism” style of painting has influenced my art – an ethereal interpretation of reality.

Gallery Finalist
A Journey – Price Tag

Online Finalist
Expression – After Cherry Hood

November 2012 – ‘Bookplates Unbound’ – The Studio West End

The project involved 31 Queensland artists collaborating in a project to make a limited edition folio of fine art bookplates mounted on sheets of art paper, unbound, in a clam shell box.  Each artist also supplied an Artist’s Statement to accompany their prints. Each artist received a copy and the remaining copies were made available to collectors – a copy resides in the Queensland State Library.  My contribution was inspired by the 12 month anniversary of 9/11, it relates to divine geometetry: ‘the oneness of God is expressed in the visible elemental world, by the polarity of rest and movement as the fixed and drawing legs of the compasses.  The two are linked by the bond of love or justice’.

"Bookplates Unbound" limited edition set (two views) Photos: Doug Spowart
9/11 - Twin Towers

June 2012 – ‘Diversity in Print Exhibition/Competition 2012’, Royal Queensland Art Society, Brisbane

Pip Reid – Artist/Exhibitor

The 2012 ‘Diversity in Print Exhibition/Competition’ was the Royal Queensland Art Society’s inaugural exhibition.  I exhibited five line aquatint etchings.

Pip Reid at Diversity in Print Exhibition