I did not like reading as a child! In fact the only books I was really interested in were books with pictures

My mother was an avid reader, she would literally finish one book and immediately pick up another – she came from a family of readers. My sister was also an avid reader. I would try to read a book, however the words would not stay still on the page and they blurred into one another, so I would read the pictures…literally! I would make up my own stories based on the pictures in the books. I loved being read to.

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It was suggested by a family friend (Orthoptist) that I may have an issue with my eyes. On recommendation I ended up being examined by an eye specialist (Ophthalmologist) who determined I was long sighted and had a convergence issue with my eyes – no wonder the words were skipping all over the pages! I was sent to an Orthoptist who gave me various eye exercises to strengthen my eye muscles. I ended up being prescribed glasses. Unfortunately the cheapest pair of glasses available “cat’s eye glasses” were purchased for me to wear – I was so embarrassed to wear these glasses at school I refused to wear them.

Throughout my childhood I only read as much as I needed to

I always wished I would love to read, just as I wished I could paint and draw! Whilst living as an expat in London in 2008-2009 I joined a bookclub – firstly I thought this would be a great way to meet people and secondly it would force me to read! I would need to finish reading the chosen book by the deadline in order to be an active member of the bookclub and be able to discuss the book being read. I loved the mental stimulation and discussion surrounding the books we read and absorbed everyone’s varying opinions.

My husband and I moved to Beijing (2009-2010) after London. I joined two bookclubs! Again I thought it would be a great way to meet people and again, it would force me to read. One bookclub was with a group of friends at the Australian Embassy and the other was at the China Culture Centre. The China Culture Centre was particularly interesting as we tended to read books about China and books written by Chinese authors translated into English – one always had to be careful about political correctness when discussing the books we read! I also worked for a non-profit organisation, ANZA Beijing whilst living in Beijing and wrote the website content and monthly newsletter.

When we returned to Brisbane at the end of 2010…just in time for the 2011 flood, I joined a bookclub at Mary Ryans Bookshop. I also joined a bookclub with friends in 2015…we had a guest bestselling author and the seed for writing a book was sewn.

I started by writing blogs

I found I was incredibly happy when writing as I entered a world of my own with words literally coming out of the end of my fingertips. I now read profusely, usually 2-3 books at a time (usually of different genres) – and “yes” I do wear glasses some of the time.

Children’s illustrated books are my first passion. My first children’s book came about from observing my Miniature Schnauzer dog “Otto” and drawing human parallels to his behaviour and relationship with other dogs, animals and people – this book took me six months to write. My second book took me one day!

Pip & Otto

Pip & Otto

I have now written nine children’s illustrated books including a 5-book series and four standalone books. My first standalone book is under contract with a UK publisher – soon to be published.

I continue to write other standalone children’s illustrated books, blogs, short-stories and am also writing a novel.

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Book Availability

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