3 posts from month 07/2016

The Idiom — move the needle

What does reading do for you? I recently asked my younger GenY daughter via an sms txt the question “what does reading do for you?” Sometimes our GenY children take days to respond to a txt, other times their response is instant — “how long is a piece of string” was her reply. Then two more instant txts came through — repetitive txts to made her point perfectly clear — “Context” “Context”, one after the other. “Just interested” I replied, subtly pressing ...

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The Open Mind — in one ear and out the other

I’m listening — are you? Have you ever been listening to someone and when they’ve finally finished speaking, looked blankly and wondered, what on earth did they just say? Have you ever been introduced to someone and immediately thought, what was their name? Have you ever thought “Oh Sinnerman, where you gonna run to?”…I HAVE  

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Saved by a 



I used to dream a lot for once I was a child. I used to dream I could fly. I thought I had forgotten how to dream, until recently when I was saved by a red balloon.

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