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Why smile? Apart from the health benefits we regularly read about, there is so much positive energy in a smile

Close your eyes — you have a parcel in your hands from your publisher — your first published book — how do you feel?  I feel the way a child does on Christmas morning — the anticipation and excitement almost too much to bear.  And I smile.  I feel my book — curiously I unwrap it. And I laugh.  I look at the front cover of my book, I see the name of the author, I open the pages. And I cry.  I am truly happy.

Artistically the line is considered to be a series of endless dots

Rhythm is repetition. Visual rhythm creates a sensation of movement. Movement of the line creates action which guides and directs us to follow the visual beat — a myriad of options — some we choose — some we don’t.

I asked the resident Engineer “what does move the needle mean to you?”

Response: “Why does everything have to be a catchphrase these days?” — “a bunch of useless words that don’t mean anything, that either people don’t understand the meaning of, or they’re so overused they lose their impact” — the needle is stuck in the groove.

The wind in the trees is the forest’s mystical voice

— for me it’s a way in which nature restores my faith. Take an hour or so, lie beneath some fir trees and listen to them sing — each tree is unique and each tree sings its own song.

Saved by a RED Balloon

I used to dream a lot for once I was a child. I used to dream I could fly. I thought I had forgotten how to dream, until recently when I was saved by a red balloon.

The Author

“One night I met a ghost, a ghost with a rather unusual name.”

“My name he said is Ramnocks, plain Ramnocks that is all.  I stopped and talked till half past ten to my ghostly friend, about himself and why of course he was just like he was.  He said he came like the rest of them did on the night when the moon was blue, when Brimstone got too hot for them and melted one in two.”

Author / Artist

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Restore Your Faith – Deepen the Connection with Nature

The Forest’s Mystical Voice

We can’t see wind — we see the things the wind moves and we can hear wind when it flows passed
something and makes it vibrate – a mystical voice.


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